API : Convert text into natural-sounding speech using an API powered by the best of AI technologies.

    This API is simple to use. You just have to follow these steps

  • Create a free account
  • Click on the link you receive by email to confirm your address
  • Generate a token with credentials
  • You can use any language to make this CURL call. (Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript...) Need help ?

    If your credentials are correct, our server will provide you with a token as a response :
    YOUR_TOKEN is valid for one hour, its duration can be extended using YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN

  • Use the token to start the process asynchronously

  • You can change the languageCode parameter, replace en-US with the width your languageCode. If your file is accessible by URL, you can ignore the "file=@.." field and directly use the URL of your file in the "fileUrl" field

    The API sends you a Json response to confirm that the process has started. take note of the "trackingUrl" field, it is the one that allows you to follow the process that you have launched. In this answer you also find the ID of your process, here in our example the ID is 643 :

  • So to follow the progress, you do a simple GET(you can make this http call every 10 seconds):

  • If the process is not yet completed, you will receive this type of response with "accomplished": false

    If the process is completed, you will receive this type of response with "accomplished": true and an actionResults field that contains the results:

    The most important field in this Json is: actionResults, and therefore to download the result:
    The format of the download URL is always as follows :{id}/{fileName}
    For example, in our case : id = 643 and fileName = 35084b44a841ec597be3048df44145e8.txt.log

This documentation is not clear? (Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript...) Need help ?

This API is also available in synchronous mode : Developer API : TextToSpeech