API : Create Zip Files Online. Online File Compressor - Reduce the file size!

    This API is simple to use. You just have to follow these steps

  • Create a free account
  • Click on the link you receive by email to confirm your address
  • Generate a token with credentials
  • You can use any language to make this CURL call. (Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript...) Need help ?

    If your credentials are correct, our server will provide you with a token as a response :
    YOUR_TOKEN is valid for one hour, its duration can be extended using YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN

  • Use the token to start the process
  • If your file is accessible by URL, you can ignore the "file=@.." field and directly use the URL of your file in the "fileUrl" field

    The API sends you a Json response to confirm that the process is finished.
    In this Json, the most important for you is the block: "actionResults",
    you will find in this block a URL which begins with "", it is this URL that allows you to download the result

    This documentation is not clear? (Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript...) Need help ?

    This API is also available in asynchronous mode : Developer API : ZipFile